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Pet Cat Dog Hair Remover Dematting Comb Double-sided Sofa Clothes Shaver Lint Rollers For Cleaning Pets Comb Brush Removal Mitts Brush

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1. It is very suitable for washing clothes, bedding, furniture, and car interiors.

2. Clothes shaver You can use floors, bedding, carpets, sofas, car seats, clothes, etc.

3. Suitable for carrying a handbag when going out. uproot lint tool It can be placed in the car and is convenient to use at any time.

4. Very suitable for washing clothes, bedding, carpet steps, dog hair remover for couch.

Product Information:

Material: PP, copper

Applicable object: Dog

Specifications: pink, blue, green


Packing List:

Hair scraper*1
Product Image:

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 200 × 180 × 50 cm

Blue, Blue3pcs, Green, Green3pcs, Pink, Pink3pcs, Set, Suit

Latest reviews

  1. R***r

    Good brush. cleans well. but if it’s not straight, then it takes puffs… it’ll come in handy around the house. fully tracked. thanks.

  2. R***r

    Good roller, strong plastic. Thanks. I recommend.

  3. g***j

    Perfectly removes pills from blankets…. no need to do this on thin things, there will be holes

  4. U***t

    Everything corresponds to the description.

  5. I***A

    Works efficiently. Fast delivery! Thanks

  6. 1***r

    Super nettoie bien plaid, arbre à chat et vêtements efficace

  7. i***r

    no remarkno remark

  8. S***l

    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  9. С***й


  10. n***7

    no remark

  11. E***a

    I’m taking my second video from this store. Before this I used iron teeth (these are the first three options), they are more rigid, for carpets, sofas and other durable materials. This roller cleans sweaters, T-shirts, leggings and other more delicate items well. I’m happy with the purchase, since the rollers have different purposes. I need both with four tails. Delivery is fast. The seller is responsible and sends the parcel quickly. Thank you! ❤

  12. E***g

    great stuff

  13. t***t

    Compliant product

  14. N***a

    great stuff! I used it to remove pills on coats and blankets (the quality is similar to a flannelette blanket). It doesn’t remove well from knitted fabrics, it clings. I am completely satisfied with the product, thanks for the discounts and fast delivery

  15. Е***а

    Good brush ����

  16. J***a

    Everything’s fine

  17. I***h

    I expected more, based on the reviews. delivery is fast, Dark blue – rather dark gray, this was also pleasing, but it cleans my bedspreads and carpet no better than previous products, in principle, picking it up with a wet palm))) is much more effective

  18. G***i

    As in the photo, not yet used for its intended purpose

  19. a***a

    Good thing. cleans wool

  20. R***r

    The brush does an excellent job of removing wool from the carpet; I bought it especially for him. I recommend the store, fast delivery

  21. E***o

    The fur cleaning device complies with the description. It works well, but you need to test it on a small piece of material first to make sure it won’t damage it. It does its job.

  22. A***a

    I received an order. I haven’t tried cleaning it yet

  23. M***a

    Super thing! Furniture is ideal and easy to clean. It doesn’t clean clothes that well, but I used it for furniture.

  24. Z***a

    The brush is great, you can take it, it really picks up fur!

  25. S***l

    great item

  26. o***a

    Excellent little thing, it collects wool perfectly, with a click of 3-15

  27. V***a

    Not a bad brush. Collects wool from the chair. Thank you

  28. Н***а

    Very good brush!!! I recommend to everyone!!!! It helps very well against pellets and hair!!! Thanks!!!

  29. g***a

    I recommend. It collects dog hair very well!

  30. M***a

    The metal side collects hair well from a small dog, but I don’t even know what the return line is for… I two weeks before the stated date.

  31. U***h

    The parcel arrived quickly enough, which is good news!!! The product is of excellent quality and fully corresponds to the store’s picture, it’s a pleasure to deal with such a store and treats the order responsibly. I will order more! Thank you very much to the Blazing store and good luck in business!!!

  32. F***v

    Haven’t tried it yet

  33. R***m

    A double-sided brush that does its job. You can take it with a coupon. Delivery in 9 days.

  34. N***a

    Cleans the sofa and carpet well

  35. a***o

    I like it a lot

  36. S***i


  37. N***L


  38. V***v

    The product matches its description

  39. n***a

    Overall it’s a good thing, it got rid of pellets and wool from my husband’s coat. but delivery in 12 days is disappointing

  40. P***n

    Good product

  41. G***r

    Thank you

  42. D***v

    I haven’t tried to collect anything serious yet, but it seems to be collecting small things.

  43. i***i

    it’s arrived

  44. T***g


  45. F***b

    Great quality……..and excellent packaging………thank you to the seller………. I recommend buying from this store ❤️❤️❤️

  46. v***r

    Very convenient thing, cleans animal hair and does not spoil clothes

  47. M***v

    The order arrived in 12 days.

  48. A***v

    Removes hair well from hard surfaces. Removes it from a cat so-so.

  49. W***e

    Great product for removing cat hair from carpet. really like

  50. A***a

    Cool stuff. got it for 30 rubles

  51. N***l

    What a good thing! Excellent for collecting wool, pellets and other debris from textiles. The scraping surfaces are made of soft plastic and do not damage the fabric.

  52. 9***r

    Not magical, but collects cat hair from the sofa

  53. S***a

    Great stuff!

  54. A***w

    Surprisingly, this thing works

  55. Н***а

    Very cool stuff. I recommend. Thanks

  56. A***v


  57. K***a

    Wool collects well, made with high quality

  58. M***a

    It collects wool from furniture very well, I thought it might collect it on clothes, but it only spreads all over it, but it is not intended for clothing. Nice item, worth the money

  59. V***o

    no remarkno remarkno remark

  60. K***h

    Nadia calligraphy

  61. a***E

    Good cable, arrives quickly… and in good condition. The price is good taking into account the quality of the product… I recommend it… good service and quality… it didn’t take long to reach the destination……/!!!! I would buy it again

  62. Y***n

    works fine

  63. M***r

    Everything is as in the photo. I am satisfied with the product.

  64. V***a

    A good scraper that easily removes hair from furniture.

  65. A***v

    Made normally, plastic handle, silicone pad on top on both sides. But it doesn’t work as advertised. It does not collect wool from clothes or furniture.

  66. R***n

    Really works! I bought it for 50 rubles. Delivery took a long time, but the main thing came

  67. o***z

    very convenient

  68. R***r

    Thank you, I took it on sale. It removes hair from deep-pile carpets well.

  69. I***a

    Interesting thing, it collects wool, but not all

  70. l***a

    Did not like. When you do it for the first time, it collects some of the fur. When you start to do it a second time, it leaves all the fur that had previously collected on the surface. Useless device

  71. D***k

    Great, works really well… Happy with it!!

  72. E***a

    Super thing!!!

  73. c***c

    Excellent Product

  74. Q***z


  75. G***d


  76. K***v

    Everything is like in the picture, but the wool does not collect well. a damp sponge is much better.

  77. R***r

    Good product.

  78. B***r

    Necessary thing. The description matches. The video on the store page is educational.

  79. E***a

    A very good brush, cleans furniture 5+.
    Delivered quickly, thanks.

  80. B***r

    works well

  81. T***a

    Interesting thing, arrived whole, haven’t used it yet

  82. O***v

    It collects wool very well.

  83. S***v

    The cat is afraid of the scraper, but he is great at raking fur from upholstered furniture.

  84. t***k

    I did not receive the goods, the money was returned.

  85. T***a

    Delivery took a week. Excellent collection of lint and hair. I like it. I recommend this to anyone who has pets.

  86. A***v

    Arrived fast. Very cute design 👌. Works amazing for the sofa and clothes. Just wow! Thank you 😊
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  87. R***n

    Not bad at collecting

  88. A***l

    According to the description

  89. A***h

    Description matches

  90. K***o

    Cleans well, only the plastic teeth can pull on the fabric you are cleaning. The fabric on my sofa is not smooth and the brush immediately left snags

  91. I***v

    Really collects wool, I recommend it

  92. A***r

    My sofa is a little less suitable, but otherwise fine for removing hair

  93. I***a

    A useful, inexpensive item for cleaning your sofa from animal hair.

  94. I***L

    I haven’t tried it, I hope it’s ok

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