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Nail Powder Acrylic System Kit Professional Nail Art Tool Set Contain Glass Cup Acrylic Liquid Extention Carving Manicure

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1. Complete kit for DIY nail extension and nail carving.

2. Great for home use or nail salon use.

Nail Extension Step:

1. Apply the base coat, cure by LED/UV lamp. 2. Put a nail form on your nail. 3. Take enough acrylic liquid to the cup. 4. Brush the acrylic powder with acrylic liquid on the nail. 5. Apply it to the nail. Wait for it dry. 6. Take off the nail form. 7. Trim the shape of your nails. 8. Apply the topcoat, cure by LED/UV lamp. 9. Finish.

Nail Carving Design Step:

1. Dip the crystal acrylic powder with acrylic liquid with a brush. 2. Stick it to your nail and carve. Wait for it dry. 3. Apply the topcoat, cure by LED/UV lamp. 4. Finish.

Acrylic System Kit only, other accessories demo in the picture is not included.


Used For: Nail Extension And Nail Carving

Name: Acrylic System Kit

Used for: Nail Extension And Nail Carving

Material: ABS

Package Content :

3 x Acrylic Powder

1 x Acrylic Liquid

1 x Carving Pen

1 x Glass Cup

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 166 × 116 × 35 cm


Latest reviews

  1. E***a

    I liked it very much, the only thing is it's very small

  2. A***z

    no lo he probado aun

  3. B***r

    I thought it would be bigger. I think I don't check the amounts well.. But it's okay now I'll test the finishes and the final result thanks was very good delivery.

  4. K***n

    Overall it’s really good but the acrylic liquid is very strong so be aware of the smell

  5. S***z

    The brush is missing

  6. R***a


  7. M***o

    It all came in very good condition and before the estimated date, the only bad thing is that the picture looks bigger. Excellent service
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  8. N***r

    The liquid is very vandous as if acetone smells, with children it is better not to use, it is quickly frozen when applied. And so enough solid composition.

  9. M***y

    Excellent reception with a very long wait of more than a month.
    Products do not use for the moment, because received this day.

  10. Z***r


  11. D***o

    no remark

  12. M***m

    Pretty small acrylic jar and rather long delivery
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  13. M***l

    Haven't tried the product yet, but it has all arrived intact, nothing broken and earlier than expected

  14. M***a

    I get broken impossible to take advantage of something. I ask that the seller return the money or send me another product
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  15. K***k

    Very small

  16. L***S

    Smell strong but does his job! I'm glad to hear it.

  17. S***J

    Very little 10 grams total

  18. S***J

    Very Little

  19. F***o

    It's no good, and I got a little late.

  20. O***h

    It came very quickly yet did not try

  21. A***a

    small acrylic system for practice & beginners
    exactly as described
    arrived in excellent condition, no spillage watsoever
    10/10 will purchase again

  22. S***a

    I arrive super fast before date, high quality product, perfect packing, shop fully recommended.
    no remarkno remark

  23. S***a

    Good powder, I take constantly

  24. L***s


  25. 3***r

    I thought it was a little bigger remains just to try

  26. N***a

    And did not wait for the order

  27. 6***r

    Très bien

  28. R***s

    The hard brush disgust

  29. E***a


  30. A***y

    It came safely to my home and I was satisfied with the product

  31. Л***r

    The parcel went long

  32. S***N

    I put it in the trash the smell and really too strong and the acrylic powder hardens and become limit of the sand at the contact of the monomer we can do nothing with

  33. 夢***堀


  34. F***r

    Super product with super quality

  35. J***p

    Insanely くさい though Chan つくれる
    no remark

  36. J***r

    The order is not long to arrive, it is very accurate, very good is as described, very accurate, excellent quality, I recommend
    no remark

  37. V***r

    The set received quickly, according to the description, but the glass came cracked. Opened a dispute, the money for the glass was returned. I haven't tried it yet.
    no remarkno remark

  38. C***o

    Never arrived and the return dl money was less than I paid

  39. L***i

    I extremely love this product it has like a very buttery texture it doesnt dry too fast which would be good for a also in the US and it came extremely fast

  40. 3***r

    From the description i looked bigger products. I enclose a highlighter yellow in comparison to the products of the parcel. The products are small. The shipment time is very long.
    no remark

  41. K***s

    Everything came, however smaller than expected and the jar with liquid leaked during the travel, so it is half full…
    no remark

  42. D***a

    Plutôt pas mal!

  43. V***r


  44. A***o

    Like it's OK

  45. M***x

    Very small jar (

  46. F***r


  47. 0***r

    I did not get anything where the order

  48. O***t

    Burrs くさい

  49. L***z

    Es exactamente igual q la foto pero yo me lo esperaba bastante más grande y tardó mucho en llegar pero estoy muy emocionada por probarlo
    no remark

  50. E***n

    Do not hold, I do not recommend it's money lost

  51. J***a

    It's very small but OK and super slow shipping
    no remark

  52. R***z

    Great very good product. Just like the description!
    no remark

  53. A***r

    Long SHL

  54. F***a

    It was smaller than expected but whole kit in this amount is reasonable!
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  55. O***o

    It has been more than three months since the order, no goods, no money, I do not advise here to buy anything

  56. N***a

    I took for building up on the upper forms, the first time I sprung up, I liked more than polygel, it turned out very strong. But one nail fell off, I think by my fault. The smell of liquor is very strong, sat with an open window
    no remark

  57. A***a

    no remark

  58. I***s

    Good quality only is the pink powder also genuine pink

  59. P***y

    the bottle was soooo small and it was half way idk how I’m supposed do my nails like this and the shipping took so long the seller was very nice tho .
    no remark

  60. 3***r

    Jajsjsjsjsjjsjsjsjsjwjsjksksis skaiiwbejdiwjw isisbsnskisnajsis Odian SKS

  61. M***r

    very small
    no remark

  62. M***r

    very small
    no remark

  63. M***r

    very very small but I guess worth the price
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  64. N***n

    Thank you. Very fast shipment

  65. H***r

    Sajnos a mai napig nem kaptam meg a megrendelt termékeket, geleztem az eladónak de semmi nem történt azóta sem.

  66. T***h

    Все дошло, только очень долгая доставка.
    no remark

  67. E***r

    Or I do not know how to use this, or bad quality, but it did not work normally to make an extension. I don't even want to try anymore.

  68. L***i

    Very small

  69. P***s

    Very small, but they are OK to practice, thank you✔️
    no remark

  70. T***t

    The goods never received the money returned

  71. L***i

    This is like my second time buying this cuz I literally love this acrylic
    no remark

  72. F***a

    I'm perfect, thank you very much
    no remark

  73. C***e

    À tester☺️

  74. A***u

    The product does not and never arrived at least the sellers has returned the money

  75. M***s

    Well packed, safe and safe. But the monomer smells creepy.

  76. E***a

    The liquid smells very much. Harden acrylic for 5-7 seconds. Do not have time-dry, saw. I 'd be happy if I didn't stink. This is impossible. Probably, I will not use the liquid, but with the powder I will be on the old habit of doing acrigel. It came quickly, nothing leaked, in this regard everything is fine. I did not communicate with the seller.

  77. A***r

    Very good… hold up also elongations extreme with map, sin for making really small… you fail to make maximum 2 reconstructions for each bottle… the monomer is very little but for this price is really a good product.

  78. U***r

    They are so tiny. Much smaller than I ever expected. I did not fully check the measurements so that’s on me. Haven’t used yet but seems it will be able to do its job.
    no remarkno remark

  79. A***a

    It's been a long time. Packing is great. Small but good. Thank you.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  80. S***v

    Small but the quality is quite nice probably buy again

  81. C***c

    Very small

  82. I***o

    Llego muy bn tal cual la descripción solo falta probarlo.

  83. M***i

    no remark

  84. G***P


  85. M***r

    Beautiful but smaller than the picture
    no remark

  86. J***j

    Very good product arrived the way in this photo will buy more
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  87. C***r

    Very good thank you

  88. H***z

    It's what I expected, it took a little while to arrive in month and 20 days, the products are super tiny as in description
    no remark

  89. E***e

    A little smaller than expected, but all right

  90. E***r

    Took a long time for delivery but looks nice. Thanks seller.
    no remark

  91. Y***z

    Well come to order equal to the picture a little small I expected a bigger container I hope the quality is good
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  92. U***l

    Small size not expected but thank you
    no remark

  93. L***a


  94. И***а

    Well packed. All whole
    no remark

  95. И***а

    I am davolna
    no remark

  96. D***a

    It is well packed and equal to description.
    no remark

  97. A***r

    no remark

  98. V***a

    A bottle of liquid for powder smells so that it is impossible to open. Even a closed jar can be taken at a distance of 2-3 meters

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