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Firework Ultrasonic Diffuser with Colorful Lights – Aromatherapy and Humidifier Combo



Elevate your atmosphere with our Firework Ultrasonic Diffuser, a versatile aromatherapy and humidifier device designed to enhance your living spaces. This beautifully crafted diffuser brings a touch of elegance to your home while creating a soothing ambiance.

**Key Features:**
– **Aromatherapy & Atomizer:** Easily switch between aromatherapy and atomizer modes by a simple press. Enjoy the calming aroma of your favorite essential oils.

– **Colorful Lights:** Illuminate your space with a mesmerizing display of colors. Choose from automatic gradual color changes or set your preferred color manually. Adjust the brightness to suit your mood.

– **Efficient Design:** With dimensions of 145*145*230mm and a weight of 560g, this compact diffuser is easy to place anywhere in your home.

– **Voltage & Frequency:** Compatible with voltages ranging from 110-220V and a frequency of 50-60Hz, making it suitable for worldwide use.

– **Powerful Yet Quiet:** The 12W power ensures efficient operation while maintaining a peaceful atmosphere in your room.

– **Additional Functions:** This diffuser offers a warm light feature, a timer function for customizable operation, and an automatic power-off protection function to safeguard against water shortage.

**Maintenance Tips:**
– Ensure the water level does not exceed the high water mark (MAX) when adding water.
– Clean the humidifier tank weekly to prevent scale buildup.
– Gently wipe the outer glass cover with a soft, smooth cloth, avoiding the use of organic solvents like alcohol.

Transform your space into a tranquil haven with the Firework Ultrasonic Diffuser. Indulge in the magic of aromatherapy and enjoy the calming effects it brings to your daily life.

Net content: 10 ml

Extraction method: water/steam distillation

Efficacy: moisturizing, maintenance, massage

Skin Type: General

Uses: spa, aromatherapy, bathing, massage, general purpose


  • Please keep out of reach of children¬†and pets.

  • Pregnant women are not allowed to use.

  • Keep in cool place without the sunshine;

  • Please clean the water tank if change the flavor of essential oil.
Weight 0.53 kg
Dimensions 400 × 100 × 100 cm

Gold, Orange, Purple, White




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