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Day Night Instant Volume Lip Plumper Oil Clear Lasting Nourishing Repairing Reduce Lip Fine Line Care Lip Beauty Cosmetic

97 Reviews




Keep for more than 6 hours

Clear luster, reflective luster and extremely high moisture content.

Moisturizes chapped lips with fine lines, improves lip peeling and dryness problems


Before coloring, use it as base makeup, color, soften and increase the lip color, or use it on lipstick to make it shiny and plump.

For severe lip care, it can be used alone, before makeup, or overnight.


Color: light yellow

Specifications: normal specifications

Shelf life: 36 months

Net content: 5.5ml

Special Purpose Cosmetics: No

Package Included:

1 x Liquid Lip Oil 


Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 30 cm

3×5.5ml, 5.5ml, 2×5.5ml, 2X5.5ml


A Set, B Set, Color Change05, Light yellow, Pearly04, Set 2PC, Set 3PC, Set 5PC, Set, Spice03

Latest reviews

  1. C***a

    I love it.

  2. N***r

    Very cool, very cool, very cool, very cool, very cool, very cool.

  3. L***e

    Really accurate smaller than in pic but is leaving my lips plumped and moistureised
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  4. K***r

    Came well packaged, it stings a little but lips look amazing after application
    no remarkno remark

  5. L***v

    very good product!! i not using it all day cause it's really burn but that's mean it's work !! for the morning routine, the right one is really quality and the oil makes lips comfy all day ;))) it's makes the lips really like plumper and with hyaluronic acid ! thank you <3333

  6. S***s

    it works! believe me I try it all & only will praise what works

  7. O***a

    The description said that it was oil, and in fact the average scum of tint, which is maximum as blush and can be used

  8. F***r

    I love it

  9. J***a

    All as in the picture. Lipstick with ginger, that's why it burns very much! Does not increase, moisturizes for 5 minutes .. I will not order any more

  10. M***n

    I haven't tried it yet, but it looks great.
    no remark

  11. P***p

    Product well packed and if it works to find

  12. V***s

    Does not give volume to the lips but they are shiny

  13. E***a

    The goods did not come but the money was returned immediately

  14. N***u

    25.9 ordered
    received 29.11
    same as picture I don't try yet
    no remarkno remark

  15. A***i

    The yellow one is more orange than in the photo, but overall it’s cute id say
    no remark

  16. P***r

    Waited for an order of 2 months, as a result, it did not come and did not update the status!!!!

  17. Y***m

    Arrived quickly but haven't had a chance to try the products out yet as I have other products to get through first. Looks exactly as pictured though. Will leave another review after testing it out.
    no remark

  18. L***r

    Clearly different colours from picture, one is orange and one is bright pink

  19. C***e

    Didn't work on me. Very tingly. But nothing

  20. C***z

    gonna try it!

  21. M***a

    Good glitters.

  22. B***c

    Super them, This is the second hundred I have ordered. It is a little, but it lasts a long time, it is necessary to put them as a little. Satisfied alone, ALL recommendations

  23. N***a

    And the truth increases the lips. The one with a yellow tint with pepper is much stronger than the analogue from evelyn

  24. G***r

    Received after time, small format not tried yet

  25. P***a

    Delivery to Lewes for about 13 days. Lips bake, it's difficult to say by effect, but it glitters beautifully

  26. N***v

  27. S***y

    fast shipping will say how it works when I use it

  28. I***s

    I do not repold

  29. L***l

    I recommend the product and the seller.

  30. A***r


  31. R***d

    It works , you gotta get it , super fast shipping and delivery

  32. Y***i


  33. I***S


  34. F***e

    They don't grow lips so much but if it hums enough

  35. N***a

    It came in the right time, use the day lipstick to test and it spikes me a lot and it didn't work.

  36. O***u

    Not tried yet & eacute;

  37. L***e


  38. I***r

    Came in 1.5 months, the package is perfectly preserved. I saw in use and wanted myself. Day and night. Day is thicker than night. I tried it, it smells like vanilla. I did it for 10 minutes. Slightly plucks, I do not advise you to try, my tongue is baked. Pain is tolerance, lips increase. Hope the effect will be a couple of hours
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  39. A***a

    The seller sent quickly. It was not tracked, but it came to Russia quickly enough. Packed well, everything is intact. Ordinary glitters, but plucking is enough felt. They smell nice. The texture is not sticky. Recommend
    no remark

  40. T***n

    fast shipping

  41. R***d

    got it fast. she hasn't tested then yet

  42. D***a

    Arrived earlier than expected, the lipsticks are quite small they are miniatures

  43. K***r

    Super recommend fast delivery ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  44. C***c

    It's a lie, it doesn't work as they announce

  45. I***l

    I didn’t like it because I thought it would make my lips swell a little and I didn’t really read what it does, so this shortcut leaves a lot of glitter and it also sticks to the face and ruins the makeup if you already put it on so it looks alive. Did you give it up and buy something without glitter or buy a gloss?

  46. 葉***r

    no remarkno remark

  47. K***r

    Excellent Product

  48. K***r

    Excellent product I arrive very fast.
    I absolutely recommend

  49. Y***a

    Maybe my lips are not like this, but the product did not work ((
    I ordered it on the recommendation of yutuber, she had an effect. Packing is excellent, looks expensive)))

  50. S***z

    The product matches the images, it works well, especially the one with the pink lid, it does burn but it’s not unbearable, it took a while to finish. to arrive but I am happy with the purchase.

  51. A***a

    Little lipstick

  52. N***A


  53. G***o

    Not received, but the seller made the refund fast

  54. S***s

    Loved it

  55. S***a

    The order was made on November 13, received at 27 November. Delivery is paid, but the order is not tracked. the seller sent quickly. Packed well, nothing spilled, everything is whole. two small tubes with an applicator, one day, one night. I will try, thanks.

  56. R***a

    The effect is not too big, however.

  57. G***a

    I tried I got one and the smell is like peach, the gloss-like texture a little sticky and shortly after having it on it started to feel clammy. to chop, regarding the volume, I did not notice the It makes a big difference because my lips are already quite full, yes. that they have turned redder (I suppose it will be the reaction to what itches) and the delivery took a long time. enough, because it took a long time. more than 10 days.

  58. G***a

    Very slow shipping, more than two months, come well packaged and the box is equal to the description, these more intense colors I haven't tried them yet, but I tried the glitter and they sting

  59. C***a

    Wonderful soooos!

  60. 9***r

    It took him a long time to arrive 15 days from the order.

  61. K***a

    There is no such wow to the result of the CHK at video Chi in description. Guby Shilen colir trochi mixed and everything.

  62. D***a

    Still did not try as a result, but the kind of packaging is happy

  63. M***r

    יואו it really burns

  64. L***r

    Not bad at all

  65. E***z

    It burns a little when applying it, equals the description was delayed to arrive
    no remark

  66. S***k

    all OK.

  67. M***z

    Leaves lips hydrated and cute

  68. K***a

    Delivery took a long time and did not come, but the seller returned the money

  69. J***n


  70. T***n

    Just as it breaks down, but it took me so long to get there.

  71. M***r


  72. T***n

    As described but it takes a lot of time with delays

  73. M***o


  74. S***H

    Received quickly, very small, practical and cute, nice design, very shiny, pretty Pearl, I recommend

  75. J***l

    my lip is on fire! I hope I don't get blisters. I don't know if my lips get bigger
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  76. C***n


  77. L***a

    I would not say that it helps especially in the increase, but it bakes well)
    Packing is good, terms and composition are. Confused only that in the bottle shine transparent-yellow, and on top quite a bit eats a pink pigment, and when you get the brush, it's pink.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  78. O***r

    Well it’s good it plumps but not that much at it makes your lips a nice color. It’s not repairing but it’s pretty good.

  79. 7***r

    Glitters and only
    no remark

  80. R***s

    Arrived fast seller shipping well safe product Thanks

  81. 1***r

    Very beautiful on the lips, a pleasant smell, unfortunately a small volume and quickly erases, but after it the lips become pink, the lips do not burn, took the delivery, but.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  82. I***o

    Small ברמות אמלהההה not going up it for a party why long t out of already נאבד has small glitter fine what ציפתי from three weighed

  83. 9***r

    Yellow balm turns out to be with pepper
    Well, I didn’t see it already and the fault here is just mine, but in general the oil is good, it sits well on the lips, only it doesn’t last long, it turns out + – 2 hours.
    thanks, everything to me.

  84. E***k

    Nice thing. Very much grieves, although I tried a lot of such tools, but it's much better

  85. E***a

    The shipment arrived in order, I am completely satisfied. when I apply it for Den, it burns a little. and V Noci them power pleasant for lips, nice smell, enlargement effect there them.

  86. A***g

    Good product, it feels a burning but bearable feeling.

  87. L***c

    Lip oils come in small and cute packaging, each one has 5,5 ml of product inside. Yellow oil (daytime) with ginger extract really does the job of plumping, you can feel intense tingling for 15 minutes or so and after they stay pumped for another 30 minutes. Then I suggest re-applying the product. White oil (night time) also tingles but not as much. Still I wouldn't use it before sleep, I also use it during the day.
    All in all, great product

  88. J***s

    Don't bother, it's useless

  89. F***a

    Very small miniature girls but very long delivery I even forgot about the order
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  90. S***g

    It works very well and has the plumping feeling. It does burn a little at first but then you get used to it.
    no remark

  91. 4***r

    Doesn't match. Does not give the volume

  92. К***л

    The goods are not denied, the Thunder turned

  93. J***y

    love love

  94. L***a

    Cool gloss, works well, waits very much, but the difference is clearly visible. The oil burns a little too. I definitely recommend.

  95. N***i

    Very shiny

  96. B***a

    I do not recommend because it burned my lips strong irritations

  97. A***s

    Excellent product!
    no remark

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