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12-Pack Water-Soluble Essential Oils Set – 10ML Dropper Type with 12 Unique Flavors



Enhance your daily life with our exquisite 12-pack Water-Soluble Essential Oils Set. Each pack contains 12 different flavors, each in a convenient 10ML dropper-type bottle. Immerse yourself in the soothing and aromatic world of essential oils with this diverse collection.

Our set includes the following delightful scents:
1. Rose
2. Sandalwood
3. Osmanthus
4. White Magnolia
5. Green Tea
6. Strawberries
7. Jasmine
8. Lemon
9. Violet
10. Lavender
11. Ocean
12. Snow Lotus

**Experience the Benefits:**

**Helps Sleep:** Achieve a peaceful night’s sleep by placing two drops of our Lavender essential oil onto a cotton ball and tucking it inside your pillowcase. Lavender is renowned for its sleep-inducing properties, providing a gentle and calming aroma that aids relaxation. (Note: While lavender aids sleep, an excessive lavender aroma can have an invigorating effect.)

**Clothing Pest Control:** Safeguard your clothing from pests while infusing them with a fresh and elegant aroma. Simply apply Lavender essential oil to several cotton balls and place them in various corners of your closet. Say goodbye to insects and hello to beautifully scented attire.

**Psychological Well-being:** Lavender essential oil has a remarkable ability to calm the mind and positively impact emotional well-being. It purifies and soothes the mind, offering relief from feelings of anger and exhaustion. It is particularly effective in balancing the central nervous system, making it beneficial for managing panic and frustration. This essential oil is not limited to nighttime use; it can be used during the day to promote a stable and effective work mood. Lavender provides relaxation and spiritual comfort for insomniacs, without inducing excessive drowsiness.

Unlike typical sleep-inducing oils, Lavender can be utilized during work and daily activities to promote both relaxation and balance. Experience its calming and soothing effects and restore tranquility to your life.

Add this 12-Pack Water-Soluble Essential Oils Set to your daily routine and enjoy the numerous benefits these aromatic oils have to offer.

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